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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Knowing trust

Who issues trust? In principle everyone can, but mostly the notes of trust (money) are being issued by bankers and governments. You may say trust is not only about money. Yes, the representation of trust (banknotes) doesn't cover trust itself in the whole. My answer - people issue trust. By fixing the past relationships in accounting people can build the future based on the past.

Does it mean the bankers and governments are not interested in direct (person to person) trust in the networks? I don't know exactly. If people can't store the past independently, they need those who can and where is a warranty that the history will not be rewritten to support the kind of the trust that is being issued?

But how to find a source of trust, if the history is infinite? In God we trust? You have the right to do that. You have also the right not to do that, but who is a provider?

Intangible God is materialized in the banknotes (I don't mean the U.S. banknotes only). The tangible natural basis for trust as well as the intangible knowledge stream organized historically are probably needed to ensure the freedom of choice and true democracy in the age of the global networks.

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