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Saturday, June 28, 2008

1500 Knowledge Persons on LinkedIn

The growth of the group is being continued.

People say:


As international Executive Search Consultant, I am very interested in joining this group. I certainly can add value to the group and their members".

"Dear Group Manager

I would very much appreciate being part of this group, it would benefit me tremendously.

I hope I will be accepted as this would enlarge my business scope".


I would very much like the opportunity to join your group on LinkedIn. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me should you have questions or need additional information".

"About me...

12 years in China, the founder of a startup media research company. We're developing a new way to create and manage market and media usage data. We have proven our concept and now are developing prototype product, obtaining external funding and then distributing & commercializing via web".


I'm thinking that each people is like an encyclopedia : to only way to know more and better is to go to them!".


I wish to be a part of this growing group, Please add me for future business opportunities we may have for each other".


I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. I find your concepts to be very interesting, and will carefully review and perhaps join your knowledge person group/network. I agree with the premise of moving from knowledge worker to knowledge person. I am a Commercial & Investments Realtor in Florida, USA, and also specialize in international real estate. My ancestry is 3/4 Russian and I am friends with many Russians in Florida ...".


I have held knowledge worker roles for over 20 years and as a consultant &
practitioner in renewable energy find myself still deeply immersed in
knowledge acquisition, interpretation, evaluation, creation & dissemination".

"Nikolay, I look forward to joining your For Knowledge Persons group on LinkedIn. Let's connect (I will accept your invite)".


I enjoy your group on Google, and I would very much like to join your group on LinkedIn.

Thank you!".

"Dear sir

I am a researcher who is currently doing my masters in KM through the University of Stellenbosch South Africa. Please may I join your group".


I am an active member of LinkedIn, and am very interested in joining your forum. If you need any additional information from me before approving my request, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks Much,".

"To Whom It May Concern,

At our Winfree offices we are always working with like people in your group. Please accept my request to join your group. Thank you for your consideration".

"Please accept my membership request. I am very interesting in joining this group.

Thank you".


I would like to join the For Knowledge Persons group on LinkedIn. I am an MD/biochemist working for healthcare and pharma on process and technology innovation projects".


I adopt a "socially situated individual" perspective in my practice, which seems to resonate with your Group, as described


Systems Engineering Specialist
Airbus SAS".

Here is the link to join.

Thank you for joining, Knowledge Persons!

Friday, June 27, 2008

David Gurteen is among Knowledge Persons

Yesterday David Gurteen joined the "For Knowledge Persons" group on LinkedIn.

He is a remarkable Person with remarkable Knowledge and Knowledge Management projects and global learning community of over 15,000 people in 154 countries.

Take a look at Gurteen Knowledge Cafe at KMAP 2006 in Hong Kong, December 2006, facilitated by David Gurteen and Raksha Sukhia. Courtesy of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Knowledge Management Research Centre:

There are different views on what knowledge, knowledge creation, knowledge sharing, knowledge assets, organisational culture, etc. are. Where is truth?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Re: Will the Brits transmit the old Russian ideas in Africa and worldwide?

Libyan Jamahiriya Broadcasting Corporation reports:

"The leader of the Revolution received Tuesday evening the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair who has arrived in Great Jamahiriya earlier this evening coming from Sierra Leone, within the framework of the periodical consultative meetings between him and the Leader .

At the out set of this audience, Blair expressed his happiness about the continuation of these meetings with the leader, underlining the leader's deep analysis regarding regional, continental and international issues.

During this meeting several African issues including development in the continent were under discussion.


Continued from this post.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Inverted knowledge

There is a discussion about it.

But after reading

Raw Nerves Worldwide

and especially

"The cause of rising prices is clear: growing demand and too little supply to meet it both now and - perhaps of even greater significance - in the future"

from Gordon Brown: We must all act together

I think it sounds as if demand and supply are connected by barter scheme, not by the void growing (in amount) currencies. It's useless to continue. They know where they are going. Let it be.

Но всегда есть и такой вариант