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Friday, March 28, 2008

1000 Knowledge Persons on LinkedIn

12.10.07 I started the "For Knowledge Persons" group on LinkedIn.

Now it has more than 1000 members. Why?

Here is what people say asking an approval to join the "For Knowledge Persons" group:

"I like to join this group, because without knowledge and knowledgesharing menkind doesn’t grow. Knowledge has begun by people working and searching for new ways of thinking and doing things. After having new experiences, knowledge is rising up. I am such a person too".

"I would like to inform you that I would like to join your group. i am currently working with a leading Sanitaryware manufacturing company of India as a General Manager, Heading there Tile Division. here I have initiated and establishing the entire Division on all India basis.We have entered in Retailing( 9 companies own showroom's), sales through dealers and projects etc.For this we need staff for various fields".

"Please accept my request to be a member of your group. I love to learn, I am always reading, taking classes, studying languages. I enjoy traveling, and working with people from all over the world".


I thank you for your response. Furthermore, I feel honored to be allowed to join this group and look forward to contribute with my knowledge. Please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime".

"Hi Nikolay,

Thanks for the invite I have joined the group and look forward to being an active member!

If i can ever offer any help or input please feel free to contact me".

"Keen to join this group as I am fascinated with emerging technologies and alike"


I would be honored to join and contribute to your group and discussions".

"Dear Sir,

Can you please grant me access to the knowledge group".


As international Executive Search Consultant, I am very interested in joining this group. I certainly can add value to the group and their members".

"Dear Group Manager, dear nkryachkov,

I would like to contribute in the fields of customer support, aftersales, supply chain, logistics, fleetmanagement, sales and life-experience.

Beneficial sharing of opportunities is only possible throughout knowledge".

Thank you, Knowledge Persons!

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