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Sunday, November 26, 2006

100 Knowledge Persons

Some philosophers think that quantity can result in quality.

Read, join and maybe co-create Knowledge Era Games locally and globally.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

When to meet?

I don’t know what is better - to choose the directions of development on-line and then meet Knowledge Persons, for example, in St. Petersburg or meet and talk to them in order to choose the directions?

I need your advice.

In St. Petersburg after my business day:

Friday, November 17, 2006

Knowledge Management at the crossroads

Recently I initiated a discussion at Value Networks that might outline a direction of not far future (educational, social, business). It was about a connection of:

- content structuring for managerial purposes;
- Knowledge Money (or network bank) and
- new licensing model (applied to any digital content and positioned between OpenSource, GNU GPL, CreativeCommons and closed patented content).

Unfortunately only one person participated - Richard Vines from Australia.

15.11.06 Dr Janet Hope (from Australia) asked OpenSource community about applying OpensSource principles to biological researches/industry.

Before that I read that Andrey Filippov applied GNU GPL to his hardware. And maybe there are other examples.

So what we have - the emerging need to connect open development flow with social, business and financial infrastructure?

What we lack to be ready for that?

Shall we go this direction?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

To be or not to be self-programmed?

As far as I know there are two edges in management.

One is predefined rules (programs) according to which people should act. This works if people understand such rules in the same way and if these rules are possible to observe (people usually don’t read long rules, if it isn't their job).

Another one is a creation of behavior patterns. People can be encouraged to form some habits (programs) and after that even a weak signal from outside can start the habit. To do this, people must be classified to use them when the specific work will be needed for the system.

From the personal perspective truth can be somewhere in between. You can use these questions and check the rules and the habits. It doesn’t require data bases and even computer – just find the answers and correct your actions.

This light (not bulky) structuring allows you to be self-programmed and filter the signals from outside.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Writing/Editing - Art or Business Service?

I took this title from the Knowledge Persons' group post by Wytze Rijpkema. And it interconnects with PR, copywriting, corporate blogging, marketing and sales.

The problems are:

- to blog or not to blog goods and services from corporation?
- what to do with comments?
- how corporate blogging can influence sales?
- can corporate blogging be outsourced?

What are the solutions?

It's not only a question to corporate executives. Since the web is two-way communication and many skilled self-employed persons can add real values to business, it's time for suggestions from everyone.

Please spread this post and assist self-employed persons and business to connect. And maybe you will find self-employment suitable for your life with family, kids and friends.