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Friday, November 17, 2006

Knowledge Management at the crossroads

Recently I initiated a discussion at Value Networks that might outline a direction of not far future (educational, social, business). It was about a connection of:

- content structuring for managerial purposes;
- Knowledge Money (or network bank) and
- new licensing model (applied to any digital content and positioned between OpenSource, GNU GPL, CreativeCommons and closed patented content).

Unfortunately only one person participated - Richard Vines from Australia.

15.11.06 Dr Janet Hope (from Australia) asked OpenSource community about applying OpensSource principles to biological researches/industry.

Before that I read that Andrey Filippov applied GNU GPL to his hardware. And maybe there are other examples.

So what we have - the emerging need to connect open development flow with social, business and financial infrastructure?

What we lack to be ready for that?

Shall we go this direction?

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