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Friday, January 11, 2008

Broken globalization 1.0

There was a country which aspired to make globalization 1.0.

The ideology was international - no need to lose national identity. The economy met challenges of big numbers - the ministries (the big state corporations) had millions employees and were not being governed well. But most important, the USSR was fighting the global capitalism instead of to head it and ... collapsed over time.

What will be globalization 2.0?

Polycentric and highly competitive, I suppose, in order to get back to the "centralized" variant - globalization 3.0. Its 3.0 version will not look like next superpower. It will be a kind of dispersed regulators which will parallel everything is possible because reforms and revolutions as usual will not be possible.

Not everyone will be ready to filter knowledge from these regulators (knowledge is not good or bad itself).