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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Knowledge Person" becomes a profession

It's a post from Monster India.

"Job Description
Job Profile:

a) Scientific searching on the internet and with specialized services

b) Document management

c) Patent Searches

d) Good proficiency with computers for search and document management. Experience with Microsoft office and Internet tools.

e) Library (virtual and Physical) creation and management.

Critical competencies

a) Ability and enthusiasm for assisting customers and colleagues to use resources

b) Excellent written and verbal communication skill

c) Self Starter, who can work independently and in a well structured and organized manner"

If the profession already exists, where is the relevant education in order to be Knowledge Person?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Information security for everyone

Everyone deals with information. But how to make these deals more or less secure, if you are not a tech guru or a special agent?

Our plain language gives the opportunities and may cause the problems as well.

I see 2 dimensions in information security:

1) information has many variants of understanding (including text viruses) and therefore in this way some variant can be hidden;

2) information has one variant of understanding that makes it secure in proper implementation.

If so, technology (computers, firewalls, cryptography, etc.) is a second question. The first one is human made content and its understanding.

Imagine – everyone can have competitive knowledge in information security and therefore can save big money and managerial efforts that only big businesses and governments usually can afford.

What kind of problems you can see here?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Text viruses and tacit knowledge in managing

Thanks to Prof. Daniel C. Renson my article about text viruses was republished in his "Future-Based Consultancy & Solutions Business Magazine". Excuse my being late with this my post, Daniel.

Why not think further(?):

What are the reasons and reasons of reasons which make text viruses possible? Or what a real value of "tacit knowledge" for practical needs? Maybe Knowledge Management people can answer?