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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Knowledge Persons are individuals in collaboration

Here is what I would like to underline after discussing the ways to connect different networks. I was said that mixing up the networks isn’t a good idea, but do consider this:

If you have knowledge and agree that knowledge equals understanding that is needed before taking actions for better future and you don’t limit others in it, you may name yourself Knowledge Person.

Group for Knowledge Persons is individually oriented and therefore every Knowledge Person has only own nerve center (no "wisdom of crowds", rule of majority, etc.). Every decision is individual, but can be discussed, checked and corrected in collaboration with others.

This group is project oriented and you are free and welcomed to introduce yourself, your project/business in order to find healthy criticism, support and partnership. If you represent your own network you can promote it among Knowledge Persons. This can be an additional way towards your network. Why not?

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