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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Can consulting prevent wars?

Yes, really - to prevent. Consulting may assist to win or lose the war, but what about its prevention?

The examples I posted in these comments don't cover all the situations and are about the representations of the wars. "The paradox" of any war (I think) is that any war is being started from its representation - you know about this managerial term - "strategy" (the war term). And this fact means that other solutions can be elaborated, if consulting business really can create or even reuse knowledge.

That's why I think wars can be prevented. But here is a dilemma - if the strategy is about taking away money or other resources from other people, the consultants get rich when elaborate this strategy. If the consultants don't assist in strategies, how they can be wealthy? In other words the consultants are among those who causes wars. Are they guilty?

A technical problem in preventing wars is knowledge about initial content/message. If it has, say, 2 variants of understanding (but who really knows how many it has in various cultures?), it means that there is 50% risk of misunderstanding and therefore unexpected actions. But before thinking about any technique, do think about the value that consulting really provides.

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