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Monday, May 21, 2007

National brands and world money

Lyndon LaRouche predicts a big crisis in autumn and he speaks about a risk of world war.

According to LaRouche the crisis may occur if dollar will collapse and no problem if euro will collapse. It was a conversation in Moscow.

Alan Greenspan is in Allianz now.

Allianz suggests to sell dollars and buy Russian rubles.

And what if the problem is in the national brands? This kind of intangibles is or may be equivalent to the considerable part of money emitted.

Can the major national brands compose the world money (something like that):

world money = (national brand * national tangibles) * (national brand * national tangibles) ...

and restructure the empty trust to normalize the situation? Or is it absurd?


Nikolay Kryachkov said...

It looks like the launch of the text virus "crisis", that can be dangerous for Russian economy (and not only for it) and can be not dangerous.

Nikolay Kryachkov said...

Kuwait Abandons Dinar Peg to US Dollar.