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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A source of competitiveness

If you will decide to use the framework for collaborative self-consulting, persons in your organization can:

- connect the documents they create and use with the cash-flow and see how their content (as the source of actions) influences the changes of the competitiveness (represented graphically);
- correct the activity of the organization in time and even experiment with planned values to choose the direction of the development;
- use social software to collaborate inside and outside the organization more productively and understand what they really did, do and will do for the organization;
- save money when identify the problems because it can be a part and responsibility of daily work in the organization (by writing, correcting and using the content);
- innovate, verify innovations and implement them, because they are responsible for the open organization and the organization is responsible for them;
- learn, work and live peacefully, because competitiveness and future are their competence.

Consider all this.

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