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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Health makes wealth

A funny chat where "N" is Nikolay Kryachkov and "X" is a Knowledge Person from Western Europe:

"N: Challenge 5: ICT for Health, Ageing Well, Inclusion and Governance
Objective ICT-2011.5.6 ICT solutions for governance and policy modelling
Proposal name: Health capital as the means for health governance and policy modelling.
Project description:
– Research the obstacles to capitalize health in various law systems and the ways to overcome
– Develop an innovative business model for capitalization of individual, regional, state and
global health.
– Develop the measurement system to measure, predict and correct health policy in terms of
health capital in its dynamics.
– Develop and innovative web-based software to measure, predict and correct health capital as
the means for health governance and policy modelling.
X: interesting
X: i think ICT and healthcare can be utilized much more
X: that they let have seen
X: i mean intercommunications with the Hospitals with uniform patient data
X: etc
N: it is about capitalization of health
X: for sure
N: if you're healthy you shuld get money for it
N: meaning - in exchange
X: a kind of bonus versus malus
X: but can be a dangerous development
N: because you invest time, knowledge and money in your personal health
X: I agree with you and people will have to get their reward for that
N: why dengerous?
X: but what about people that have a bad healthy condition from their birth
X: who cannot help their weak healthysituation
N: a duty of society to help them
X: it is unequal
X: yes has to be arranged through private companies or insurances or whatever
N: the key is clear understanding who can develop own health and who can not to plan the state budget etc.
X: everyone has to be responsible for his/her own body
X: and health
N: yes if he/she can
X: correct
N: and should be rewarded
X: that is why I was telling about people that hasnt be healthy form birth date
N: sure
X: smokers will have to pay a penalty
X: I hate smoking
X: and that for somebody who smoked 1,5 package a day 15 yrs ago..
N: but since it's impossible to separate health (capital) from human being this kind of capital can be accounted in a company (capitalized) while a human being is working for that company
N: another kind of relationships - health capitalists
X: new marrket
N: yes
X: can be explored
N: yes it can
N: i made some presentatins in Ru
X: ah did you?
N: it's my development
X: how was that
N: and my term 'health capital"
N: it went to the top and i dont know what is going on there - tooooo high
X: you can create an interesting spectrum with participants as Health care insurance companies, hospitals, Governemnt, private sector etc
X: i know
X: you run to much
X: and in particular to long
N: but the main problem is legal
X: especially in the cold weather
X: you mean how to structure it in a good legal way?
N: well, there is an old tradition - as you know any kind of capital must be separated from human being, if otherwise the banks couldnot work - give loans
N: but if to think about knowledge .... it is also problematic to separate from human being
X: true
N: a deadlock in transition to knowledge society
N: if to start from health capital this transition can be open
X: yes
N: so something like this ... but can be done
X: interesting topic
X: and very actual
N: if any interest we could speak more specific
X: but it is also surrounded by potitical issues
X: it is quite sensitive
N: imagine that haelth capital of (city) is ....$ and London is ....$
N: yes political
X: a new world apart
N: a financial institution for that can benefit from transactions of health rewards, not from loans
N: another kind of financial service
X: that is a good thing you are mentioning
X: also insurance issues are important in this way
X: think about somebody who gets an accident
X: if he is insured he is lucky
N: it connects business and social issues of knowledge era without contradictions
X: if he is not ? bad luck
X: his own responsibiluty
X: sure i agree with you
X: but you need to offer people choices
X: healthcare and protection efforts a la carte
N: sure, but now i have no choice - i pay insurance and i pay for my run get health but no finacial reward
X: isnt it also a matter that the health people are paying for the not healthy people?
X: that is the system
N: this system goes towards the situation when you'll meet less healthy people
N: look
N: health is measurable
N: but not measurable in money
N: the question is- is it value? the answer - it is not value. but it is not tru - that's the problem
N: even more
X: yes agree
X: interesting topic to work out
N: how knowledge can emerge if there is lack of health?
N: only talking about knowledge economy
N: yes
X: inevitable
N: agree
N: it is easy
X: and new
X: actual
N: some correction in legislation and welcome to the knowledge era and new economy
X: but the idea and model we discussed about the healthcare has to be embedded in the society of a specific country
X: so it has a clear political background
N: has to be embedded and can be embedded as an additional entity not seen in accounting and capital of companies and society in the whole
N: currently not seen
X: true
N: not seen wealth
X: health makes wealtth
N: sure
N: it's time to cash it
X: for sure
X: but needs a good approach
N: yes
X: but unique
N: sorry if loaded you with my fantasy , but sometimes i like to develop some funny things that can be real in some conditions
X: anyway I have to admit that you have a health and wealthy phantasy
X: or maybe even better healthy but wealthy phantasy
N: exactly"

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