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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bread is head of everything in Russia

Rosbalt informs that Russia may form an international grain organization. Journalists like to compare such ideas with OPEC because there is NOPEC.

Except Russia Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Belarus can be the members of this organization. Why not Poland, Canada and the US?

Currently Russia is the 3d biggest grain producer in the world. Historically Russia exported grain and the excessive focus on export was one of the reasons for instability in Russian Empire and led to the Russian Revolution in 1917 and civil war.

If this international grain organization will sell grain for rubles it would prevent import of inflation and risks of hunger.

I think agriculture can be socially effective and profitable if "project economy", but I prefer the terms "collaborative economy" or "knowledge business" (the economy and business of free Knowledge Persons), would applied.

Imagine land and fuel owners, holders of agricultural knowledge, sales persons, etc. form the temporary projects as the flat one level collaborative economic units of Knowledge Persons, produce and sell food, and share the results.

In contrast to industrial approach the collaborative economy may turn out zero investments and lead to natural money and the Global Natural Money Board.

I understand - there are many "if", but as Russians know: "... вот новый поворот ... что он нам несет ... ты не разберешь пока не повернешь ... и пугаться нет причины, если вы еще мужчины ... выезжайте за ворота и не бойтесь поворота, пусть добрым будет путь ...".


Nikolay Kryachkov said...

Bread (slang) means money (a means of payment and measure of value). I did not know that about the word "bread".

Nikolay Kryachkov said...

Inter Press Service reports:

"... China is drafting a policy to encourage agricultural companies purchasing farmland abroad.


Beijing’s move now to formalise an investment trend that already exists comes amid soaring global food inflation and scramble by oil-rich nations in the Middle East and North Africa to invest in agricultural operations in other countries".

Nikolay Kryachkov said...

Существование ВТО после вступления РФ станет бессмысленным - Гордеев