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Sunday, February 04, 2007

A space for consulting

You know consulting business is usually perceived as something top oriented - writing the strategies, audit, rather expensive legal cases, etc. And therefore consulting and consultants are mainly a kind of top society, sometimes snobby – not because of rocket science, but because of affiliation to so-called top decision makers, which is difficult to connect if you're not among well known consultants or don't serve the big consulting houses.

But it's only a part of truth.

In fact there are many areas that have daily problems to solve. Sales (I'm not about MLM) or production can be the examples. Even if you're management consulting consultant without managerial dogmas you probably could find the clients in these "routine" areas.

Don't tell them that you're going to consult/teach them. Tell them that you would like to sell their goods and services, for instance, and being a smart consultant you will realize how many reserves are not yet being used ... Sales is most critical for any business and it's revenue potential ("budget") is bigger than what is being spent for audit or any other consulting activity.

The space for consulting exists even if not to use this word (consulting). Be the smart Knowledge Persons and try keeping independence.

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