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Thursday, February 15, 2007

"Knowledge Person" brand?

As you may know brands are most valuable assets in business world. But how this value can be shared?

1.A corporation as a centralized authority of its network (outsourced research and development, production, supply, call centers, etc.) takes/owns a brand name and therefore convert it in money and glory. Don't laugh – glory is important for marketing in a form of various charities (as if they are for saving the world), which support a core business. Instead of naming the participants of the network and sharing the value among them it looks like the corporation do everything (and takes almost everything). Yes, it governs the network, but who said that those who make the parts of the end goods and services can't understand governance and must be hidden? Transparency can't improve that, because it works like a shop-window – you can't enter and rearrange the order (or disorder).

2."Knowledge Person" brand can be a true networking brand to open the network participants and share the value among them. Who are the participants? - those who form a project from their own parts and agree to collaborate openly. In this case everyone can join, who is who and does what are seen publicly. Don't mix it up with transparency. It's openness that protect such the true networking business that doesn't contradict social needs because customers can participate. "Knowledge Person" brand can be a global "budget" for wealth redistribution, if to use it for luxury market where price is a second question (business apparel and accessories, real estate, for instance).

The relevant discussion you can find at Knowledge Persons group. Join!

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