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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Never thought that search can be customized by a group. Swicki, for instance, gives an opportunity for that.

I think it’s useful for the networked projects when people rearrange the web representation in order to see what is relevant to their project.

Imagine you are a co-creator of the networked product and:

- your website about your doings is on the top of swicki search results among your fellows co-creators;
- customers, competitors and any person can add her/his criticism to your group business activity by suggesting another search results;
- etc.

I put swicki search box at the sidebar of this blog and you can suggest what is relevant to the "Knowledge Person" and other concepts I mentioned. Additionally you can add this search box to your website (alongside of your own) and let your readers to criticize the mentioned concepts (it would be useful). The code is here.

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