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Saturday, January 06, 2007

The labels of knowledge

There is a feature for new version of blogger – "labels" – please see my sidebar. It can be used to tag/sort/categorize/structure an appropriate content in order to find it and use.

You can see I use the questions from

How I do that?

I read my content and if see some text that can be the answer to the question I label it. These eight labels/tags/categories are universal, I think. They are suitable for any content and therefore might be used to solve this problem of tagging and social search – authors’ and readers’ tags are usually different and "search" doesn’t equal "find" (though it (search) is good business).

Of course this method isn’t yet precise and is subjective. It hasn’t yet the rules, but after labeling I realized that I posted lesser content about "instruments" (By what), though I didn’t yet go with labeling inside User and Consultant directories.

If knowledge equals understanding and consist of these labels, passed and searched knowledge can be found and considered, shared, learned, transferred, applied, used, developed further ...

Try to experiment with your content and these labels of knowledge and tell me what your findings are.

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