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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Knowledge Persons in 1999

Recently (when I searched "Knowledge Person" in Google) I found a conversation that reflects the very truth (from my viewpoint) that so-called "tacit knowledge" or even "knowledge" itself is hidden in meanings of words:

"Often, linguists seem to overemphasize language as a channel of meaning. Words in any language, be they in print or be they represented in pixels on the screen, are pretty much neutral. Often they are devoid of meaning, passion or interpretation and they are interpreted by diverse individuals -- having diverse mental models (personal construct systems). What each individual decoding such words internalizes relates not only to the intent or motivation of the transmitter [source of the words or phrases], but also to the noise prevailing in the environment as well as one's own subjective construal based on the context of the 'live' process.

So said, this forum seems to provide some insights into the behavior of sense-making self-adaptive and self-regulating knowledge creating, sharing and renewing individuals and knowledge systems. To understand the 'tacit' meanings, it best serves to understand the underlying assumptions of the constructs that are often verbalized in terms of notions of 'knowledge,' 'creativity,' and 'meaning'".

Author (Yogesh Malhotra) continues:

"Here is a question to reflect upon: "Why can't multiple meanings co-exist in a given time-space continuum? [This may involve meanings of the word 'meaning' itself.]" Given the richness of diversity of viewpoints, perhaps, all of us can walk away being richer in perspectives, regardless of any individual "wins" scored over any seemingly contradictory viewpoint. Perhaps, the object of the dialog is not necessarily to reach any definitive conclusion -- all conclusions at any given point act more like working hypotheses -- which may be reassessed using diverse 'lenses' of meaning at any given point".

Yes, the variants of understanding, based on various meanings, are necessary to consider. But again, you should experiment with various meanings for that. After that you will chose the variant for your action (or activity), if you have everything to implement it (Who?, What?, From what?, Why?, How?, Where?, When?, By what?).

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