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Friday, September 22, 2006

Given truth

"Going back to the notion of "knowledge" as 'justified belief,' one may like to consider its bases of justification. Such justification about "it" may arise from various criteria, such as:

a) Everyone agrees about it: so it is a "given truth"
b) It has been empirically proven and it is unchanging with shifting time and context
c) It has never been questioned: everyone assumes that it is a "given truth"
d) No one cares about it: hence it is assumed as a "given truth"
e) The powers-that-be have determined that it is the "given truth"
f) Everyone hears [from media channels and other 'filters'] that it is the "given truth"
g) All speakers at the conference said so ;-), so it is the "given truth"
h) All vendors of technology said so ;-), so it is the "given truth"..."

(A quote from "Knowledge: How True, How False" by Yogesh Malhotra)

Or understanding is knowledge?

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