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Saturday, September 06, 2008

My double at made in Poland/Ukraine for whom and why?

Recently I realized that someone created my double at was created by

from Uzhgorod (Western Ukraine): belongs to Roman Szubryt from Poland:

Roman Szubryt has the profiles on LinkedIn:

and on Xing, for instance:

MAINSEEK (Roman Szubryt is its CEO) has an office in Uzhgorod (Western Ukraine).

Someone who created my double at (its open part) did not use cyrillic alphabet. I can not see what my double is doing inside and to be responsible for that practice, which contradicts freedom and democracy. Very pity that people from Poland and Ukraine are being used for that.

The questions are who needs it and why?

Is it about it (?):

Ladies and gentlemen, please do not forget that I discovered text viruses and my business is their disclosure.

Anyway thank you for the opportunity to mention my textviruslab here :)

The best way to contact me is to contact me, not my doubles :)


Nikolay Kryachkov said...

Knowledge Persons say ...

Nikolay Kryachkov said...

I sent a message:

от Nikolay Kryachkov nkryachkov at
кому info at
дата 15 сентября 2008 г. 14:50
тема ложный профиль
отправлено через


кто-то без моего ведома создал профиль и неправомерно использует мое имя

Т.к. Вы делали этот сайт, прошу Вас удалить этот профиль с моим именем.

Николай Крячков
Today that link doesn't lead to the profile of my double and I don't see the website