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Monday, March 10, 2008

Funny Knowledge Person

Two years ago I wrote:

"3. From Knowledge Workers to Knowledge Persons

There are no more borders between work and free time, if to deal with
knowledge. We think even when we sleep. That is why we should have,
create, use and share knowledge not only when we work, but also when
we learn, teach children, consume, vote, go in for sport ... - live.
Networking becomes netliving. Peter Drucker was right when he spoke
about Knowledge Workers. Now it is time for Knowledge Persons".

Now you can see an example at

A reply from the Knowledge Persons group:

"I think that I think pretty much like you. We can see examples all days. Is difficult to find people that can think for his own head each time this person has to produce a decision... Is a pitty... But I think it´s true. If we were aware of this fact we could be much more innovative people.

Thanks for the example".

A reply from the Xing's Helsinki Connection group:

"I was familiar with the term knowledge worker as Saskia Sassen and Manuel Castells described them for instance. Knowledge person is rather new to them and does seem to be uncovered so far by research in any field.

You seem to have moved away from the concept of the knowledge worker and developed your own concept which informs your group/website. How did you come up with that term? What made you decide to choose the phrase?"

A reply from the Value Networks group:

"I have no comments. H eis not stupid nor genius so. Everybody is different.
Some would make times more then him and not bored by sleeping some 1/4 with
hard work. Only ratio of added value counts for myself.

Wish him luck"

What do you think?

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