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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Culture in networks

The classical point of the Social Network Analysis (SNA) is that power is being shifted in real organizations, which are not hierarhies only.

The beginning and the end of the power shift can be represented so:

What may cause these shifts or confirm that the network has its own life (no matter how Mass Media may hide it)?

The message causes it, if:

1. The same or similar languages are being used by its sender and its receiver;

2. There is one understanding (without text viruses) of the message for the sender and receiver.

Let me give an example.

This video is about a connection of the Russian Establishment and ordinary people. A formerly (in Soviet era) underground rock musician Yury Shevchuk (DDT rock group, St. Petersburg - you can see their clip "White night") created a message. The idea of the song is very sensitive for the Establishment and ordinary people - what we (in former Russian Empire/Soviet Union) can keep after us.

The meaning of this message was understood by ordinary people in Kiev (Ukraine). They (DDT and Karamazov Brothers rock group from Kiev) sing it in Russian and Ukrainian:

I do not think that Yury creates power, but you can see that culture lives in networks independently from Mass Media which are too hierarchical and they probably do not represent the world correctly.

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