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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The global social business and consulting network with Web X.0 framework for collaborative self-consulting and on-line banking.

This is a proposal for partnership and negotiations.

A problem to solve:

When people do business they consult one another, form projects, but many SMEs can not use consulting services because of their high price and vague results (see point 4). Banking is separated from networking.

A solution:

The global social business and consulting network with Web X.0 framework for collaborative self-consulting and embedded payment solution.

The solution can be distributed in 3 divisions under name:

1. The social business network in which users do not waste time for preparing profiles and making introductions. After registering they can throw the business message in the space for networking and see the visualized results (for the analytical purposes of the users).

It must be designed (see the approaches) for mutual benefits, i.e. for understanding of the value of the business message.

2. The Web X.0 application for joint usage of the data in the tables for project/risk/competitiveness management.

3. The on-line bank, which income supports the divisions. Do read the opinions about the global currency preferences for the nearest future.

The conceptual testing of "Knowledge Person" is the current state of the project, which is:

1. The # 1 Google website based on the transition from Drucker's "Knowledge Worker" concept to my "Knowledge Person" concept.

2. The global think tank with the discussion group of well connected people and this blog.

3. Attractive for business people worldwide and they associate themselves with the "Knowledge Person" brand.

The group "For Knowledge Persons" is growing and you can join it.

The project can be considered as a prototype of a network state.

Now the project is open for the partnership and the relevant negotiations.


Lorenzo said...

Dear Nikolay compliments for your project, work and invested time

Lorenzo Starace from Trieste, Italy

Nikolay Kryachkov said...

Thanks Lorenzo.

Nikolay Kryachkov said...

The project is about building contacts, reputation, consulting, forming and managing projects, trading and payments in one space.

Nikolay Kryachkov said...

Бизнес-план проекта "Распределенная социально-деловая сеть", версия 1.