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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Health Capital

Such an entity like Knowledge Capital is early to consider before capitalization of personal health (1. The general condition of body and mind; Example: better health. 2. The state of being bodily and mentally vigorous and free from disease. 3. The condition of an organization, society, etc.).

Knowledge resides in the personal actions and therefore the personal health predefines knowledge.

But what the current capitalism suggests to capitalize (to define formally) the personal health? I think it suggests nothing for that.

Today personal wage is a subject of taxation. Taxes are being spent for health care as if persons can not take even a part of responsibility for preventing disease with healthy sport, food, etc. The lack of such the responsibility turnes out big taxes (both business and personal), ineffective costs (both business and social), wrong consumption (medicine) and closes the doors before Knowledge Society.

Depending on national law a programme to increase personal wage and health, decrease business costs on taxes and social costs on health care, capitalize personal health to convert employees to co-investors, raise total competitiveness ... might be designed.


Nikolay Kryachkov said...

A coincidence:

"Actively Participating in the Health Care Debate

When you work at CIGNA, you will see the many ways that we are changing the face of health care – not only for our members, but for our nation. Attention to health care reform is rising to new levels as presidential candidates outline proposals, Congress debates various aspects of health care and many states pursue their own reforms. As active as the dialogue has become, this is really just the beginning. As the countdown to the presidential election of November 2008 gains momentum, we can expect this debate to be featured strongly in the media, in board rooms and in the living rooms of America.

CIGNA is an active participant in our country’s health care dialogue. Through our Public Policy Council, chaired by our CEO Ed Hanway, we contribute to and help shape the debate. We fully recognize the need for health care improvement and we are committed and actively contributing to efforts designed to enhance our health care system. From ongoing meetings with senators, representatives and presidential hopefuls, to joining coalitions to advance health care reform, CIGNA is taking a prominent and collaborative role in the debate. While proposed approaches to improving our health care system may differ, most are predicated on the belief that it is unacceptable that millions of Americans lack access to quality, affordable health care coverage. At CIGNA we agree and believe that through a partnership of all stakeholders, private and public, relying on a value-driven market that emphasizes quality and transparency, we can expand coverage to the uninsured, increase affordability and, most importantly, improve health.

Working at CIGNA means being actively engaged in and contributing to the efforts to improve the health of our nation. We hope you’ll join us.

Carol Ann Petren,

General Counsel"

01.10.07 I received a message from LinkedIn Jobs:

"Company: CIGNA
Job Title: Talent Consultant
Location: Philadelphia, Hartford, Chattanooga, Nashville or Phoenix
Description: As healthcare becomes an increasing concern for everyone, CIGNA will make a difference. Be part of it. CIGNA has a rich history and a bright future as a health care innovator. Come and help us define it. As we build that future, we need people who are bright, driven, and always raising their game. We need people who are constantly on the lookout for others who share these qualities, who can take our message to those who will help us write the next chapter in healthcare. We call the role a “Talent Consultant,” but you might call it “What You Do Best.” You will implement programs and strategies to attract talented professionals who will advance our business. You will direct your relentless drive to acquire high performers, proven achievers and thought leaders. You’ll tell the CIGNA story that takes this talent and allows it to thrive at a place that is drawing the respect of our customers and renewed attention from our competitors... As a LinkedIn member, you already have one of the key skills we’re looking for – successful networking. Take your network to the next level and join us at CIGNA. Shouldn’t the best Talent Acquisition team include you?"

Nikolay Kryachkov said...

Valentina Matvienko (governor of St. Petersburg) suggests to pay those who do not smoke and drink alcohol, go in for sports.

The links:

- at;

- at;

- at

How it will be done is not yet clear.

Before that I have made a calculation according to which a value of Health Capital might increase wages (42%), for instance.

It was published on the Russian Doctrine forum within the discussion of the future of Russia and the related financial issues.

Nikolay Kryachkov said...

A mistake was found in my calculation, but now it's known that the values can vary within rather broad limitations.

Nikolay Kryachkov said...

Проект "Капитал здоровья", версия 5.