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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Intangibles evolve

Let's see what professor Bruce Lloyd of the London South Bank University is talking on "Knowledge Management: What has Wisdom got to do with it?" at a Gurteen Knowledge Cafe in London on 24th January 2006:

The idea is clear: knowledge is the use of information and the right use of knowledge is wisdom.

How to achieve this?

I think so:

1. We can understand/know the variants of actions by considering the various meanings of their descriptions. A special technique to translate any description in wordings of actions can be applied, if needed.

2. Then we should decide which variant to use especially when we need passing this variant to other people in order to accept it and execute. Here the problem of values emerges. Different values (the patterns of understanding) may misrepresenting an original/necessary understanding/knowledge which is being passed to others. It may result in the wrong use of knowledge.

3. In order to eliminate such an effect of wrong use of knowledge (1) and (2) must be combined - the variants must be considered jointly by all the parties involved. The latter point (all the parties) is about where are the borders of organization, how open it is, how money serves knowledge exchange to be fruitful for all?

Being intangible, money construction defines the relationship which people use in one or another type of collaboration.

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