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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Network construction for collaborative self-consulting

In a dictionary I found the following meanings for the word "consultant":

1. A specialist doctor with a senior position in a hospital;
2. A specialist who gives expert professional advice.

In business as usual consultant is a profession associated with the consulting company. But the mentioned second meaning of the word "consultant" may absorb various situations.

For example, imagine that someone started filling the tabular forms from the framework for collaborative self-consulting. When this work is done (it's always a representation of the unique business, non-profit, family or personal reality, which is being managed by the person) this person (let's name him Jack) can realize the points to correct. It's good if Jack has enough knowledge for that, but what to do if not? Maybe it would be also a good thing to verify the possible decisions? You may say "yes, of course", but where to find the consultant for that, especially in a case of non-standard or some rare situation?

Let's go to another end of this picture. Imagine a retired person (let's name her Helen) who is experienced in the point that Jack needs to correct and would be ready to assist Jack to verify his decisions. The problem is how they will find one another in order to establish a temporary connection? Helen doesn't work for consulting company, which spends money to be visible in the market.

I said "temporary" because this connection works when the problem is being solved. But if the analogous problem arises the connection can be easily re-established between consultant and those who asks the advice. The only conditions for that are visibility of the framework users, consultants and their initial (or lasting) public requests and replies.

Both realities (Jack's and Helen's) can and must have the connection because their needs and abilities to be the wholeness exist. But what structure can represent this reality as the whole?

As you can see the user and consultant directories are neutral by their structure as much as possible. They have no predefined industries or other artificial categories, only natural language categorization - alphabet, which can be used by you to define your fields you're operating in - as many as you can represent.

Of course, the connections depend on how you will represent your knowledge or your need to find it. Don't fear of experiments, but be practical oriented. Knowledge Persons will come if you need knowledge for good or would like to share your knowledge for good too.

This living network may look like a pulsating entity, which life is re-establishing connections in order to find more or less mutually beneficial ones for survival - like a living healthy brain that constantly manage a body in its interaction with other entities within the world for living as long as possible.

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