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Thursday, September 07, 2006 is started

You’re welcomed to consider the project, join it, use the framework for collaborative self-consulting and tell the world what you think about it here or at Group for Knowledge Persons.

A few ideas about this project to understand its difference:

Personalization of goods and services is imperative for any business and consulting business is not exclusion.

The soft things (or intangibles, including consulting) are (and will be) in the process of so-called "cheap revolution". Why to buy expensive complex solutions, if in many cases it’s possible to be self-consulted? And if to buy the professional advice (which can be valuable and costs money) then business persons can identify the need of such advices more precisely.

Dispersed collaboration of consultants, their current and potential clients, those who connect consultants and their clients, etc. has two practical reasons: 1) entering global market easily for knowledgeable small business and individuals (Knowledge Persons), 2) saving autonomy because of relationships of one level.

Maybe you will add something else, but I think you will find Consultant Directory and User Directory useful for you in order to make a difference. Let’s get down to business!

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