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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Consultant directory - F

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Nikolay Kryachkov said...

Field: Framework implementation consulting
Name: Nikolay Kryachkov
Position: Founder, owner and author
Organization: Project
Web presence:
Contact details: St. Petersburg, Russia, cell: +7 905 209 85 70, email: knowledgeperson at

I can assist you in implementing the framework for collaborative self-consulting.

Nikolay Kryachkov said...

Field: Feasibility studies of textual documents and consulting
Name: Nikolay Kryachkov
Position: Founder and author
Organization: Project Laboratory of text viruses
Web presence: not ready
Contact details: St. Petersburg, Russia, cell: +7 905 209 85 70, email: tvl at

Usually I do following for my clients:

1) Feasibility studies of textual documents, based on their representation as a sequence of structured wordings of actions:

In practice not all actions are carefully formulated in textual documents. It causes various damages in management. From the feasibility studies a client can see and understand risks and opportunities, which usually are not seen before structuring textual documents, make well-grounded decisions in time. The feasibility studies can be represented graphically and without any special terminology.

2) Consulting:

Making the documents feasible can be a next step to normalize an activity. It may require a revision of the activity ideas.

Sometimes it is unclear for the client what documents or even reality to consider. A dialogue with the client usually eliminates this uncertainty.

The clients should remove the confidential information from their documents before getting the services.