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Thursday, July 27, 2006

About me

You may ask me why I placed my photo where I run (it was 10.05.06)? It is because I would like to explain you the idea of this project and how I came to it.

When I was 10 years boy my father started teaching me how to run and mother controlled my school doings. It was necessary in order to continue education after school and protect my health in our wet climate (Leningrad, now St. Petersburg – is the biggest northern city, as far as I know).

It wasn’t easy for me to control and correct my actions when I ran, but my father ran near me and told me what to correct and how. He explained me that correct and free actions save my energy and I can run faster or longer, though we didn’t think about sports competitions those time.

Saving energy in this way is obvious, but I saw the guys who ran faster than I and they didn’t think about correct actions. They ran faster than I only because they were stronger and my father told me that they could run even faster, if they would pay more attention to their actions. I thought that my father wanted too much from me and we went wrong direction because others, even those who already joined sports clubs, focused on physical conditions first of all. But later I realized how right my father was. We decided to measure my speed and when I was 14 it was still too slow, but a few months later I had 4th place in the 300 m of Leningrad winter school championship. After that I won some local and Soviet Union level competitions in sprinting.

So it was my first lesson learnt about what correct structure can and I think that management is about establishing the correct structure and filling it with the correct content, which causes the correct performance in result. Of course it isn’t automatic and requires the timely corrections, but can assist to be competitive.

I chose the economical education, but I can’t say that after 5 years of studying the political economy, history of economic doctrines, various mathematical, statistical, industrial and other courses I was ready for real professional life. This professional life is mostly based on relationships. But what these relationships may cause? Unfortunately, personal and business destruction isn’t rare result. If so, content must be the main subject for pupils of any specialization in order to see and manage what really people mean, protect business from negative influence, be competitive or even beyond competition. Where is this science? I didn’t find it. This lead me to discover text viruses, which are invisible structures of what people mean when use words. There is nothing mystic when a message causes wrong actions, additional hidden and even dangerous networks, etc. – consider what this message mean in variants and you will see what may happen and how to correct the activity.

But how to find that message to consider and correct it? It was the question when one of my clients asked me to suggest the method to implement the complex tax regulations with the consequent use of computers. It was 10 years ago. They knew about SADT methodology, but they asked me. After 2 weeks of thinking I suggested the solution and it became one of the frameworks for my next consulting works in various fields from law to health care.

One thing was difficult to explain – how to name this direction of structuring. Now I think the framework for collaborative self-consulting would be the proper name. Almost everything people can do to manage their private and business life, at least to see where to connect with the corrections. And if the special skills will be needed, consultants may assist for that. Today you may need the consulting services, tomorrow someone may need you as the consultant.

Maybe it is odd that 30 years ago the small boy from Russia started practicing management when ran, but it was so. Or maybe run means management?

Read about the transliteration of my name.

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